TEAMSTERS LOCAL 502: CASA SCHOLARSHIP FUND
We are happy to announce the Teamsters Local 502: CASA Scholarship Fund.  A letter explaining the process and the link to the Scholarship Fund Application is below. The application submission deadline for 2020-21 & 2021-22 is May 31, 2022.

May 5, 2022

Greetings Scholars:

The following guidelines are for you to follow in order to submit your application for the Teamsters Local 502: Commonwealth Association of School Administrators (CASA) Scholarship Fund (“Scholarship Fund”).
The object of the Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to the children of members of Teamsters Local 502: CASA, as well as to any children attending a public (non-charter) school within the School District of Philadelphia, who are recommended by a member of CASA, who have demonstrated scholastic ability, good character and qualities of leadership.
The application process will be open to children who meet the definition of eligibility. The application deadline is from May 31, 2022.
Each scholarship will be for up to one thousand dollars ($1000) per year.
The Scholarship Fund is a non-profit trust administered and maintained by Trustees and devoted solely and exclusively to the purpose of granting financial aid in the educational endeavors of eligible children.
Any child whose parent is a rank and file member of CASA with a minimum of two years’ membership in Teamsters Local 502 will be eligible for the scholarship application process as will any children attending a public (non-charter) school within the School District of Philadelphia who are recommended by a member of CASA.
In the event a covered employee voluntarily terminates his/her employment (as determined by the Fund Trustees), the Fund would not be obligated to continue to provide payments to the college on behalf of the scholarship recipient. If the employee termination is involuntary (as determined by the Fund Trustees) benefits will continue. The eligibility determination will be made in a reasonable and uniform fashion.
To help the Selection Committee in its consideration and to meet the entrance requirements of most colleges, every candidate will be required to take the College Entrance Examination Board. The Board scores, together with the applicant’s general scholastic achievement records from high school, will be criteria used by the Selection Committee. Every candidate must follow the application directions and complete all sections in order to be considered for the Fund Scholarship.
Within ten business days following notification of selection, a winner must notify the Fund, in writing, of his or her acceptance of the Scholarship.
It shall be the duty of every scholarship winner to report promptly, in writing, to the Trustees, the acceptance or use of any other scholarship and or grant. The Trustees will consider all facts and circumstances and reserve the right to determine whether or not any benefits of the scholarship shall be awarded. Failure of a winner to promptly report, in writing, the acceptance or use of any full or partial scholarship or grant shall be cause for withdrawal of all future benefits.
The Fund will pay tuition fees directly to a college or university to the limit of up to $1000 annually, with a request to the institution to divide the payment equally among the number of semesters attended during the year. If the total annual tuition payment is less than the up to $1000, the difference will be available to the scholar, through the college, for mandatory extras, required text books or other proper charges billed by the college or certified by the financial aid officer of the institution. If, at the end of any full college year, there remains an unspent balance from the up to $1000 after all charges billed by the college for any subsequent year or years of undergraduate study, then such balance shall be returned to the Scholarship Fund. In case any undergraduate is graduated with a degree without having used his or her entire scholarship benefits, the remaining value of the scholarship shall be returned to the Scholarship Fund. The continuing benefits of a scholarship shall be dependent upon the student maintaining at least a “B” average, or its equivalency. A copy of the student transcript must be forwarded to the schol-arship office at the end of each semester in order to remain eligible for the scholarship. There will be no restrictions as to a student changing colleges before graduation provided the transfer is approved by the authorities of both colleges and the Board of Trustees of the Scholarship Fund is notified in writing at the address below.
                                                          For information concerning the Scholarship Fund write to:
                                Teamsters Local 502: Commonwealth Association of School Administrators
                                                                                    Scholarship Fund
                                                                                  855 North Broad Street
                                                                                  Philadelphia, PA 19123
                                                                              Telephone: (215) 236-7222