International Brotherhood of Teamsters

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Tentative Agreements
Eligible voting members were sent a letter via USPS regarding these items.

Salary Schedules Proposed
These schedules display increases and bonuses based on current salary schedules (Schedules 0654 & 1658 are unavailable at this time).
Read the salary schedules using the following method- Horizontally through any changes that involve an August date. Movement on (9/1/17, 18 & 19 are diagonal toward maximum).

Salary Schedules Current
A 10 month administrator can determine their annual salary by multiplying the biweekly gross by 21.8.

Note: The 11 month pay schedule has been adjusted since what was presented at Fels High School on June 1. The 11 month administrator will have salary paid over 12 months.  The result is that there would be no interruption of pay during any month over life of the agreement. 

Meeting Announcement

At our June 1 ratification meeting, more time and information was requested. Every tentative agreement and each salary schedule was posted on our website. One significant change from the July 1 meeting was that the eleven-month administrators would be paid over 12 months and there would be no interruption to pay. There were then three sessions held at the CASA Office where details of the proposed contract had been made. There were no threats to impose terms during these negotiations. However, it does contain some compensation that requires we consider the proposal and respond to it in its current form.  At this juncture we are calling for a vote.  A letter was mailed on June 10 giving all full members notice of this event.

We are going to conduct live voting from 4-8PM at Abraham Lincoln High School on June 15. It will be a paper ballot vote that will take place on only that day and between those hours. Full members can make their selection and put it in the ballot box. Members are welcome to come at any period during that time to cast their vote. There will be no mail in ballots or proxy votes. The count will take place at 8:00PM.